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    The Greensboro Summer Solstice is happy to return on June 19th, 2021, 2-10 pm.
    We look forward to seeing you soon!!!

    The Performers & Schedule

    Lyn Koonce Harmony Music School – 2021 Non-Profit Sponsor
    The Summer Solstice Festival is proud to announce a partnership with Harmony Music School, a local non profit organization founded by Lyn Koonce in 2012 which provides free music lessons and instruments to underserved youth. Lyn is an accomplished singer/songwriter and music advocate who has created a space where volunteer teachers, using donated instruments, mentor underserved children in Greensboro. Currently, there are 40 students and 13 teachers making music together at 4501 West Gate City Blvd.
    From ballads to blues, Lyn’s music is skillful, unique, yet universal. Her fourth studio album is in the works as she runs the school and performs at private and public events in the Southeast. Visit www.harmonymusicschool.org to donate funds or gently used keyboards, guitars, string instruments, and brass or woodwind instruments. Welcome Lyn Koonce & Harmony Music School.

    House of Dues House of Dues
    House of Dues came together in 2010 for a Fat Tuesday gig and have been together since that time. They have recorded two albums “Gimme Some Hotcakes” and “Cross that Line.” They play in and around North Carolina, a mixture of blues, fusion, soul and funk. House of Dues is a Greensboro favorite and are guaranteed to have crowds dancing..


    Doby Doby
    If your appetite for high-energy funk-soul music is unquenchable, doby is the band for you! Their buttery grooves will rise you out of your seats into a dancing frenzy. Doby’s influeces include James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Prince, and Tina Turner which can be heard in their songs “Biscuits.” And “Huffin n Puffin” The group formed in Greensboro in 2010 by reuniting a bunch of long term friends and has been keeping it funky ever since!


    Liontracks Liontracks
    Liontracks Reggae Band has been entertaining fans for over three decades with hundreds of their original, well known reggae songs like “Reggae Rockin”, “Burn Fiyah”, “Morning Light”, “Jah Jah Jehovah”, “Mind at Ease” and “ Ride Da Riddem” just to name a few. Based in Winston Salem, NC, Liontracks Reggae Band brings a timeless reggae sound that is embraced by fans from all over the world and guaranteed to have you dancing on your feet! Liontracks Reggae Band brings roots reggae to every performance while the audience is encouraged to participate rather than just spectate. Fans are engaged by band leader/lead vocalist, Kevin “Khebo” Pauling with the band’s signature phrase: “We make the music… you make the noise!” Get ready for a reggae sensation you will never forget with Liontracks Reggae Band!


    Banjo Earth Banjo Earth
    Appalachian born…world influenced. The Banjo Earth Band sounds like a global awakening, but with that banjo twang that can only be found in the southern United States. Powered by the core quartet of Andy Eversole on banjo, Sanders Davis on bass, Sandy Blocker on percussion, and Tim Wray on drums, they are often accompanied by a dynamic array of rambling troubadours, including fiddle master Jesse Ryan Eversole, keyboard wizard Julian Sizemore, and guitar guru Mason Via. Whomever graces the stage with the band that night, rest assured that the Banjo Earth Band will bring the energy, philosophy, spirit, and funkiness that they have come to be known for!


    Lyn Koonce Lyn Koonce
    Singer/songwriter and instrumentalist Lyn Koonce mixes the sounds of alt-country and pop, with a hint of blues, to make music you’ll remember. With her guitar or piano as a backdrop, her voice is both powerful and comforting—and her award-winning songs follow suit. For Lyn, a song is a conversation, and she writes lyrics that bring down your guard and lift up your spirits. Her own truth shines through every line she sings, and everyone can see themselves in her light. When she’s not performing, Lyn is making her community a better place and ensuring everyone—no matter what—gets to experience the magic of music. But the stage is Lyn’s happy place, and it doesn’t matter if she’s singing for 10 people or a thousand. Whether she’s on a backyard stage for a good cause or sharing the spotlight with the Indigo Girls, you get the same Lyn every time—open-hearted, adventurous, and real. She sings her stories with a sense of wonder that leaves you inspired to take on your own new beginning


    Johanna Breed Johanna Breed
    Maine native and Guilford College alum Johanna Breed calls her blended genre “future soul”: a bouncy mix of analog-infused digital jams for the modern listener. She combines beats, horns, synths, and multi-layered harmonies to support her powerful, expressive voice. Breed’s debut EP, “Is It Too Late?” was released in November of 2018 and produced by Greensboro musician and electronic pop artist Quilla. A new single and music video can be expected from her in the months to come, followed by the release of her LP “Sophomore Gold” later this fall.



    Cafe Latte Cafe Latte
    Cafe Latte Music was founded by Alfredo Trejo Sr. in the year 2009. Prior to this Alfredo Trejo Sr. (guitarist/singer) along with his good friend Eudulio Solis (lead guitarist) were regular performer around some of the triad’s most popular venues and events. In 2009 Alfredo Trejo’s son Alfi (violinist) turned 18 and decided to team up with his dad and bring a new musical element into the mix. Alfi is a professional classically trained violinist who made an amazing transition into modern styles of music ranging from flamenco to pop. With the combination of the Spanish guitar and the electric violin Cafe Latte produces a unique and diverse combination of sounds. Cafe Latte’s sound has lots of Latin/Spanish influence plus a bit of pop and classical as well.


    Johnny O Johnny O & The Jump-Out Boys
    Johnny-O and the Jump-Out Boys is a group of musicians dedicated to bringing back the sounds of the 1950s and 1960s blues greats. George “Harmonica” Smith. Big Walter Horton. Sonny Boy Williamson. Junior Wells. Big Walter Horton. Oh, and of course… Little Walter. You’ll hear covers of familiar tunes and even a few that you probably never knew existed. Their show is a combination of storytelling and song, so don’t be surprised if you learn a few interesting things about the original artists who made this music so great.