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  • The Greensboro Summer Solstice Festival looks forward to seeing you on June 24th, 2023, 2-10 pm!!!

    The Greensboro Summer Solstice

    The Greensboro Summer Solstice Festival began in 2005 as a group of creatives who came together to celebrate and promote the diversity of our community, the beauty of nature, and the power of the feminine spirit. Today, the festival is proud to host 5000 attendees that represent a beautiful array of ages, colors, abilities and characters.

    The Greensboro Arboretum & Lindley Park in beautiful Greensboro, NC

    Mission: We aim to create an experience for our festival-goers that blends local artisans, performers and budding entrepreneurs with a little bit of magic and a lot of love, opening up imaginations to the possibilities in each of us.

    Our Vision: Promoting local vendors and talent is at the forefront of our thoughts, along with the goal of engaging our diverse community with each other and the arts. We want the Greensboro Summer Solstice to spark creativity in our community and provide a stimulating and awe-inspiring event that will impart an everlasting memory for the entire family.

    Bazaar: Lindley Park hosts a market place bustling with artists, makers & merchants from 2-8 pm. Beautiful wares and valuable services from local entrepreneurs and established businesses are creatively showcased with a musical backdrop and myriad of culinary choices. Cross the bridge into the Greensboro Arboretum to enjoy more market vendors in a serene setting featuring talented artists. On both sides of the bridge, the area’s most talented body artists are on hand so that you can wear a little bit of the festival home. An array of delectable food and beverages, including wine, beer & cider is available to sustain and delight you in both the Arboretum (2-8pm) and in Lindley Park (2-10pm).

    Entertainment: Two stages, presenting six hours of diverse musical and dance performances, enchant and connect the crowd. Meander over to the Butterfly Garden to be mesmerized by mermaids. Gifted buskers interact with people throughout the festival, delighting the young and the ageless.  An extraordinary number of attendees provide a visual feast as people of all ages express themselves through creative costuming for this event.

    Drum Circle: Led by seasoned drummer, Sandy Blocker, the 1 hour drum circle takes the heightened energy from the preceding Parasol Parade and brings it to a crescendo that leaves participants giddy. This full participation rhythmic experience welcomes both drummers and dancers.

    Fire Finale: Our celebration of the longest day of the year culminates in the 9 pm Fire Finale, showcasing our dazzling LED hoopers and awe-inspiring fire spinners . . . a perfect ending to any enchanting festival.

    Entrance Fee: In order to help us sustain Greensboro’s vibrant local music scene and talented dancers, there will be a $10 admission fee per adult that goes towards payment of these artists. Children 12 and under are FREE.

    Leave Pets at Home:  The Greensboro Police Department & the Humane Society have asked that all pets be kept in the safety of their home.  The heat index, extravagant costuming, and large crowds are not conducive to the comfort or safety for pets of any kind.  Thank you for your understanding!