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  • The Greensboro Summer Solstice Festival looks forward to seeing you on June 24th, 2023, 2-10 pm!!!

    Dream Team

    Welcome to the Greensboro Summer Solstice Festival! Featured here is the Dream Team – the behind the scenes talent that recruits, trains, schemes and implements the most creative festival in the city. These veterans and current leaders are dedicated to raising the bar year after year. We are deeply grateful for their contributions of style, skill and humor.

    Head Fairie Susan Sassmann – Head Faerie
    Susan has always had a flair for communal gatherings paired with creative presentation. The Solstice has allowed her to build a tribe of like-minded people who share their talents and celebrate life on a regular basis. She knows how to surround herself with people who can “make it happen.” Her life journey moves through a timid childhood to a rebellious college student, a strident feminist, a serial entrepreneur, devoted wife & mother — and landing in the world of the Faerie Goddesses. Susan is passionate about living her life out loud, spreading joy and building a better world. Words to live by — “If you are not living on the edge, you are taking up too much space.” & “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Ghandi

    ling sue withers - sm Ling Sue Withers – Vendor Faerie & Hand of the Head Faerie
    A great fan of festivals of all types, Ling Sue was drawn as an attendee to the Summer Solstice Festival for many years before joining the team. Using imagination and resourcefulness to create and share celebrations is her passion. Community-minded & fun-loving, years of planning private parties, community events & festivals has only fueled her love for organizing. She enjoys working behind the scenes with vendors, artists & performers. She looks forward to a fantastic celebration of the Summer Solstice Festival. “And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” Roald Dahl

    Kris Ferris – Captain of All Talent
    Kris Ferris is a veteran singer/song writer with a career that has spanned over 40 years in many states throughout the southeastern US and continues today in notable venues in and around the Greensboro area. His love of music and spirit of giving back to the community led him to become part of the Solstice “family,” providing sound equipment and technician services not long after its inception. He is also currently growing his own event production business known as the Collabative. He sums his involvement this way… “I am proud to be connected with the Summer Solstice celebration and honored to work side-by-side with so many talented and dedicated people, from the artists and volunteers to the production committee. What’s not to like about being part of the best party in town?”

    Jim SassmannJim Sassmann Master Wizard of Faerie Logistics
    Married to the Head Faerie for 40 years come this Solstice, Jim had no option but to join the ranks of the Solstice organizers. His attention to detail and his high level of integrity is often called upon for guidance. Jim loves to negotiate, plan and execute well laid plans and goes to great lengths to ensure that the Solstice logistics comes off smoothly year after year. His technology background and business savvy has helped move the event to new levels of success. When Jim is not pouring over Solstice details, he is on the golf course, in the pool hall, or doing projects around the homestead. He is the Wingman for the Head Faerie and the Go-To guy for everything that does not glitter.

    Drea Parker Drea Parker – Faerie World Engineer
    Drea has been a participant of the Solstice for the last 9 years, either as a newbie fairy-in awe of such splendor, and all the glitter, or as a parking assistant-extraordinaire, or even as a vendor, offering reiki, integrative reflexology (cold foot rubs on an otherwise hot day). But mostly, she has been an enthralled advocate of the Summer Solstice since the first day she stepped foot on the magickal grounds of the Greensboro Arboretum. She works for Shepherd’s Center of Winston-Salem for her day job, and moonlights as Chair of Interfaith Winston-Salem during the times of dewy-mist. This year, she will weave our dream world into reality the day of the festival. 🙂 “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” ~ Buddha

    Lynn WitherspoonLynn Witherspoon – Wayfinding Woodspryte
    Greensboro native Lynn Witherspoon has attended Summer Solstice since year 1, and began volunteering for setup and clean up in 2015. She is currently (literally) updating the Solstice website, and is in charge of sign installation for this magical event. If you can’t find your way around the festival – you now know who to blame! Lynn is Director of Operations for the NC Folk Festival, Logistics Coordinator for Greensboro Bound Literary Festival, and volunteers her time to Piedmont Blues Preservation Society event operations planning. She considers herself very fortunate to work with all of the extraordinarily talented people who make these beloved local festivals happen.

    Stuart Stanley Stuart Stanley – Captain of Stage Lindley
    Stuart V. Stanley is a local musician, Thespian and enthusiastic kilted weirdo who is proud to be a part of Summer solstice for another great year! Stuart has both performed and stage managed for several years now. Stuart lives in Morrisville NC with his beautiful wife Bonnie and works full time as an Apartment maintenance supervisor and also does handyman work on the side.

    Boomer SassmannBoomer Sassmann – Web Wizard
    He is a blend of his parents — a super creative techie who takes life as it comes & sails through with an easy going disposition. Boomer is the first contact with the public on Solstice Day — guiding the 100+ vendors to their destination, then filling in wherever needed throughout the day. A graduate of Appalachian State University, with a degree in Industrial Design, Boomer is in his 12th year of running Big Boom Design and loving every minute of it. On the weekends you can find him tinkering on some type of automotive project or enjoying the beautiful view of the mountains at his home in Asheville, NC. He loves to talk about the internet and always welcomes the chance to brainstorm over a local Asheville brew or tasty cup of coffee.

    scott fray madeline Living BrushScott Fray & Madelyn Greco
    Scott Fray and Madelyn Greco are a pair of US bodypainting artists, the first and only to have won five World Championship titles. The couple has appeared on air to detail their art and lives for NPR, on several shows. They have been showcased in print media or online by CNN, MSN, YahooNews, InternationalBusinessTimes.com, SportsIllustrated.com and FOX-8 NC. Fine art representation of LivingBrush’s work has been featured prominently in several internationally-published books on the subject. Scott and Madelyn’s work has gained notoriety via a variety of global trade publications, as well as numerous regional publications.

    *Sandy BlockerSandy Blocker – Drum Circle Leader
    Sandy Blocker is the University Accompanist at Elon University who plays world percussion instruments for modern, ballet and African dance classes. His professional training in ballet when he was younger makes him very in tune, and an ideal accompanist for the dance students and professors within the dance department.

    Scott Hinzman Scott Hinzman – Fire Co-Captain
    Scott Hinzman began his study of flow in early 2000. Upon discovering a passion for fire, flow, and circus arts, he tirelessly trains and explores techniques and movement to further his means to express himself as an artist. He has been practicing the arts of poi, contact staff, double staff, fire eating, buugeng (s-staff), contact juggling, and acro yoga. Scott specializes in designing custom performances with both fire and LED props. He has performed at many events around NC, including the annual Greensboro Summer Solstice Festival and many others. He has taught several workshops and is currently teaching regular workshops that cater to variable levels of skill at Studio Eleve’.

    Sydney Vigotov Sydney Vigotov – Fire Co-Captain
    At the Solstice, we know Sydney Vigotov as an amazing fire artist, but her talents range far beyond what we see at the Solstice! She is a multi-hyphenate artist: she excels in WAY more than one craft/occupation! She works professionally in film, choreography, bodypainting,, and the circus arts.. Many local companies, large & small, have commissioned her talents. Numerous articles written about her work, including Yes! Weekly. Her completed projects range from event design to comedy skits to choreography. She lives & works happily on 10 acres of wild North Carolina woods.

    Kathy RooneyKathy Rooney – Faerie Major of Parasol Parade
    Major Sponsor, African Dancer, Trash Czar, Drum Coordinator, tuna salad maker — Kathy Rooney is one of those New Orleans gals who knows how to throw and enjoy a great party. She created and has managed her business, Rolfing® Associates of the Triad, for over 25 years and continues to throw herself into her passions. We are fortunate to have Kathy in our corner — multi-talented, fearless and super capable.

    Stephanie Coolbaugh Stephanie Coolbaugh – Muse-ic Faerie
    Stephanie Coolbaugh is delighted to be on the team for her second year with the Solstice! A true believer of the power music has to unite the community, she has spent her time in Greensboro, while working on her Music and Arts Administration degrees from UNCG, trying to cultivate spaces for musicians and music-lovers alike. As previous General Manager of WUAG 103.1 FM and current City Leader of Sofar Sounds Greensboro, she has explored all mediums to achieve this goal, but none have felt quite as special as the Solstice. Catch her floating around the stages this summer, being around what excites her most- the music and her fellow faeries!

    Mary Coyne Wessling Mary Coyne Wessling – MC Faerie
    Mary Coyne Wessling loves a good party. Summer Solstice is right up her alley for celebration with great music, good eats and plenty of friendly people. Mary Coyne has attended Summer Solstice in Greensboro in past years and found it an extraordinary experience that delighted her senses! Although she has no musical talent of which to brag, Mary Coyne is an aficionado of all types of music. She believes music and art are necessary elements of a good life and a healthy community. She may not know how to dance, sing, or play a fiddle, but ask her to tout the talents of others as an emcee, and she’s more than happy to engage her Irish wit and humor to rev a crowd up.

    Debbi KennersonDebbi Kennerson – HQ Queen
    Debbi is a new member of the Dream Team after attending and volunteering for the summer solstice for many years, including on the same day her oldest son got married in 2018! Debbi enjoys supporting local events, music and business in whatever way she can! During the work week Debbi is a master’s level psychologist who works with an early intervention program. Debbi loves the relaxed, accepting atmosphere of the Summer Solstice and is excited to bring new volunteers to the event and be part of the team at Faerie Headquarters!

    SamraSamra – Flow Arts Faerie
    Samra (Lara Kendrick) has been studying, performing and teaching multi-cultural dances for decades. She studied with master dancers at every opportunity and went to Egypt and Turkey to study and immerse in their cultures. She was then invited to teach and perform across the USA, Asia, Norway and Brazil. She believes that all art forms bring people together and is most passionate about the world of dance.

    Hannah NewmanHannah Newman – Faerie Intern
    Hannah Newman is a student and Faerie Intern with the Summer Solstice this year. She attends UNC Greensboro and is working towards a degree in Recreation and Parks Management with a concentration in Community and Event Planning. She was drawn to Event Planning because of how impactful it can be to a group of like-minded people. She enjoys being able to provide entertainment and happiness to individuals within a community. She is looking forward to helping out with the Festival.

    Maria Harkins Maria Harkins – Founding Faerie
    One of the “Founding Faeries” who helped build the foundation of the Solstice Celebration. Since 2005, she has worked all over the board, behind the scenes and in front of the crowd — decorating, organizing and managing the plethora of details that come flying at Faerie Central. This faerie goddess has always been loyal to the cause and continues to bring beauty and magic to the Solstice.

    Kenny Shulman Kenny Shulman – Grand Dame
    She has the financial smarts, strong work ethic and the class to hold the title of Grand Dame. In the early years, Kenny worked hard behind the scenes to bring organization to the festival, handling copious numbers of vendors & details , streamlining processes & staying on top of the loosely constructed Solstice plan. It is because of people like Kenny that chaos became more orderly and reason was brought to bear. She would not refer to herself as a Faerie Goddess. And that’s because she is the one and only Grand Dame.