• in 95 days
  • The Greensboro Summer Solstice Festival looks forward to seeing you on June 24th, 2023, 2-10 pm!!!


    “You do realize that you have sparked a movement that has the potential to become quite widespread and that will certainly be a catalyst for self enlightenment and discovery to the  many who come into this light.” 
    — Kay Andrews

    “I felt like I had just spent a thousand dollars on some kind of Spiritual seminar. I left there a kinder person. It was a lovely experience and I hope that you make it an annual thing.” 
    — Mary Garvey

    “I keep hearing stories from people and what they say only confirms the power and magic that was ignited and integrated Tues. night.” 
    — Marie Anderson- Whitehurst

    “The spirit of community, celebration and diversity was like a breath of fresh fragrant air. In uncertain times where war rages, hatred abounds and more and more the earth is treated with appalling disrespect, celebrations like these are not only a treat, they are indeed essential.” 
    — Melissa Alexander

    “It was fabulous….so many happy people in one place.. What magic….”   
    — Margo Ross

    “It made us proud that the Triad is finally starting to break some barriers and celebrate our earth and all the living beings that are in it.  I look forward to more celebrations like this one.” 
    — Mark and Randy Pegram

    You created quite the stir……even for people that didn’t get it……they were somewhat taken aback and a little mesmerized.”  
    — Sharon Rothenberg

    Wasn’t the Goddess Fest, Mid Summer Night’s Dream just the best ever? Congratulations and thank you, Joie de Vivre faeries for creating such a magical event.” 
    — Tavane

    “It was amazing. I was so glad to be a part of it all. The fire dancing and the drummer……., the faeries and the pomegranate tea. I could go on and on. I look forward to more amazing work from the Goddess effect.” 
    — Pam Lynch