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  • Please join us for the 2018 Summer Solstice on Saturday June 23rd, 2-10PM.

    The Performers & Schedule

    The Healing Force The Healing Force – 2018 Non-Profit Sponsor

    The Healing Force features Joseph Anderson, his daughter Sonji Anderson, and son Karim Anderson. This family of performers/educators has been offering their special brand of music and storytelling in communities all over North Carolina and the country for the past 25 years. They are well-known for their acapella singing style, their spirited drumming style, and their stories that always carry a message. Audience-participation is a standard, whatever the ages of the audiences! They’ve traveled the country and abroad, sharing cultural education and enlightenment through traditional African music, drumming, dancing, and educational experiences. By offering performances (including “The Rhythm of the Drum”) , workshops (such as drum circles), and residencies in schools, colleges, universities, churches, libraries, at festivals, retreats, camps, after-school programs, and the like, The Healing Force makes their motto, “Serving the Community Through the Arts” come alive!  The Healing Force will perform from 7:15-8:00 pm in the Serenity Garden. 

    Warm up for the Day

    Andrea Dyer Andrea Dyer – Yoga Leader

    Andrea Dyer, ERYT 500, is the owner/Senior teacher at mind|body|fitness yoga in Greensboro and teaches internationally at yoga retreats. Her teachings range from ashtanga and power yoga to yin yoga and meditation. With over 13,000 hours of teaching yoga, Andrea is experienced in helping students find their own inner path. Practicing with Andrea is personal, inward, and devoted to feeling great and cultivating balance, peace and joy. For more information, please visit www.mindbodyfitnessyoga.com Students will enjoy the lovely sounds of Renee Henry’s harp while they stretch throughout the yoga hour, from 2:00-3:00 pm in the Serenity Garden.

    The Dancers

    2 of Cups Bellydance 2 of Cups Bellydance

    Gypsy Soul style was born out of great love of dance and a desire to share this joy with others. Starting from a background in Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Modern dance and working with Renaissance Festival Belly Dance, Gypsy Style, Traditional Belly Dance, American Tribal, Folk Dance, African Tribal, Modern Club and a splash of Burlesque to keep it interesting, a whole new style of belly dance was created.  Vylet has created a fun and highly improvisational style. Teaching students to dance with an energetic purpose and focus. Teaching dancers to dance with intent, from each chakra or elemental vibration.  2 of Cups will perform

    at 2:00 pm in the Butterfly Garden.


    Greensboro Hoopers are a group of HOOPERS & flow artists from the surrounding area. They come together to play & perform at the Greensboro Arboretum whenever time & weather permit. The group has been meeting since 2011 & love performing at the Summer Solstice. The group includes HOOP teachers Tammy Shearer & Sheryl Pope. Both teach HOOP classes in Kernersville, NC. Check out Handmade HOOPS at Tammy’s booth! Performing 4:00-4:15 PM in front of the Joymonger Stage.

    Veiled ThreatVeiled Threat

    Veiled Threat is a student belly dance troupe under the tutelage of Modest Mayhem directors Molly Anthony and Lori Anderson. This group of talented performers have been dancing for as little as 3 months to, as long as, 3 years. Our student troupe provides these dancers an opportunity to learn how work as a team, learn & implement choreography, and to utilize their creativity. Veiled Threat will perform from 7:00-7:20 pm in the Butterfly Garden.


    Faun_HiFest_2016-222w-200h.jpg Shimmy Happy

    Shimmy Happy presents Belly Extrava-dance!  Shimmy Happy’s mission is to make belly dance fun for everyone! So, come as you are and join us in creating the biggest belly dance class Greensboro has ever had. We’ll start with a short performance and then teach you an easy combo that everyone will do together. Shimmy for joy at the Greensboro Summer Solstice Festival!  Shimmy Happy was created by dance artist and instructor, Fauna (formerly of SoulFlower Dance).  Please join us for Shimmy Happy in the  Butterfly Garden, 7:20-7:55 pm.

    The Butterfly Garden Buskers

    Renee Henry Golden Living Statue

    The life of a statue can be pretty fun! I’ve been enjoying the delights of painting myself gold and standing on a box for roughly ten years. This has taken me to many festivals and events in and around North Carolina such as the Azalea Festival, Artsplosure, Artisphere, Floydfest, and the National Folk Festival. It is an honor and a pleasure to serve the faerie folk at the annual Summer Solstice Festival in Greensboro — my most favorite of all events!

    Paul Spring Paul Spring: Magician

    The best birthday party entertainment of Greensboro, NC and surrounding areas!  For over 10 years I’ve learned and practiced my craft, I absolutely love entertaining children and families. This is a magic show that will have everyone rolling on the ground laughing (including Grandma!). All using Paul’s signature family friendly magic tricks.


    Mermaids Mermaids

    Frolic with our Solstice mermaids at the fountain in the Butterfly Garden 3-8pm.  With most of our planet covered in water, it’s little wonder that, centuries ago, the oceans were believed to hide mysterious creatures like mermaids. Mermaids may be ancient, but they are still with us in many forms and reports of mermaid sightings continue to the present day — at the Solstice for instance. Join our three lovely mermaids at the fountain in Pixie Glen for a magical experience. (From left to right: Mermaids Melody, Cadence and Jade.)

    The Musicians

    Renee HenryRenee Henry

    Renée Henry has performed at ALL the Solstice festivals and is back again this year, playing harp and singing! Currently she sings and plays keys with XcentriX, a local cover band and has performed across the Triad and NC for more years than she wants to publicize. She will bring healing sounds of the magical harp and clear vocals to soothe and energize.  Renee will play the harp today during Andrea Dyer’s yoga class in the Serenity Garden from 2 – 3 PM in the Serenity Garden..

    Anne Claire Anne Claire Niver

    Anne-Claire’s music is rich and melody-driven, mixing organic instruments with synthetic sounds enhances the dreamlike quality of her work. Anne-Claire brings a unique and exciting sound — danceable and emotive, plaintive and fun, percussive and romantic. Her new album, ‘I Still Look for You’ is out 8/3!  Ann Claire Niver performs from 3 to 3:45 PM on the Joymongers Stage


    Anne Claire The Paper Crowns

    The Paper Crowns are the multi-instrument, genre crossing power duo of Spiro and Nicole Nicolopoulos. The Paper Crowns are earning their reputation as a band on the cutting edge of modern roots music. Their musical chemistry is a gumbo of Appalachian folk and bluegrass, Dixieland melodies, delta blues, acid rock, murder ballads, outlaw country and Southern Gospel that they cook up into a sound all their own. The Paper Crowns will perform from 3 to 3:45 on the Serenity Stage.

    Ace & T-Bone Ace & T-Bone

    Peter Laiosa and Trey Marchant are known as Ace & T-Bone play original Acoustic Blues, jazz and Folk with lots of energy, harmonies and fun. With a distinct focus on originals and their own unique interpretation of many old jazz standards, their style is unique with influences from the roots and jazz traditions.  Ace & T-Bone perform from 3 to 3:25 in the Butterfly Garden


    Leah-Kaufman Leah Kaufman

    Leah Kaufman’s songwriting takes a love for old-time music’s drive and melodic simplicity and marries it with the evocative lyricism of contemporary songwriting. The result: songs with melodies that stick like glue and lyrics that tell stories you love hearing. An accomplished finger-style guitar player as well as fine flat-picker, whether her songs slide into bluegrass, swing or blues, the common core of exquisite lyrics, fine guitar work and a clear strong voice holds true.  Leah Kaufman will perform from 3:25 to 3:50 in the Butterfly Garden.

    Isabel-Taylor Isabel Taylor

    Based in Chapel Hill, NC, Isabel Taylor started singing at local open mics in 2010, accompanying herself on guitar.For several years, she has performed at local venues, festivals, and private events in the Triangle (NC) and on the coast, both solo and accompanied by fellow musicians. A native of Buffalo, NY, singing has been a passion of hers since childhood, and songwriting has become a way of personally expressing her views on life and love. Taylor’s debut CD, Awake Again, produced by award-winning songwriter and guitarist Jon Shain, was released in June 2016. It reached number 15 on the folk DJ charts in January 2017. Isabel Taylor will perform from 3:50 to  4:15 in the Butterfly Garden.

    Leah-Kaufman Gray Matter

    A quartet of siblings (and a sibling-in-law), you’d be hard-pressed to find a band with a more close-knit chemistry than Gray Matter. The band’s members have been playing together for more than 30 years, and offer soulful, focused folk-rock music with beautiful harmonies and foot-stomping rhythms. Having soaked in the folk music of the 50’s and 60’s, the four singer-songwriters are equally as capable of breathing new life into folk/rock classics as they are of creating brilliant, original works of their own.  Gray Matter will perform from 4:15 to 5:00 on the Serenity Stage.

    Leah-Kaufman Heather Kenney

    North Carolina-based Heather Kenney grew up in a small town in the Uwharrie Mountains where the tradition of folk music and bluegrass was an intrinsic part of the culture. At age 14 she found her dad’s old guitar in the attic and felt an immediate kinship to the instrument. She quickly took to other string instruments, picking up banjo and ukulele while developing her own unique way of playing guitar with metal finger picks, often associated with the banjo, turning them around backwards so she can execute intricate fingerpicking and solid percussive strumming simultaneously.  Heather Kenney will perform from 4:15 to 5:00 in the Butterfly Garden.

    Second Line Stompers Second Line Stompers

    The Second Line Stompers are based in the Raleigh area that plays New Orleans Jazz which is also sometimes described as Early Jazz, Dixieland or Traditional Jazz. Each player comes from many years of experience playing in and leading numerous different musical groups in the region, such as: Gregg Gelb Swing Band, King Rippers, Atomic Rhythm All Stars, Countdown Quartet, Squirrel Nut Zippers, North Carolina Jazz Repertory Orchestra, North Carolina Symphony, Dick Gable All Stars, and the Heart of Carolina Jazz Orchestra.  The Second Line Stompers  will perform on the Joymonger Stage from 4:15 to 5:00 & will lead out the Parasol Parade  at 5:15!

    Paperhand PuppetsPaperhand Puppets

    Paperhand Puppet Intervention’s mission is to use diverse styles of puppetry and artistic expression to create works that inspire, promote social change and are deeply rewarding for all involved. These styles include: giant puppets, rod puppets, shadow puppetry, masks, stilt dancing and anything under the sky that strikes our fancy. Please join in the fun & find yourself a puppet to wield in the parade!  Paperhand Puppets will  follow out the Parasol  Parade at 5:30.

    James Olin OdenJames Olin Oden

    James Olin Oden is a dynamic singer/songwriter from Raleigh, NC who plays a vast collection of stirring Scottish, Irish, English and original songs inspired by Celtic and Americana traditions. A passionate storyteller & captivating instrumentalist, he leads us through a musical journey that spans the globe and the epochs of time, with infectious rhythms paying reverent gratitude to the forefathers of folk, flamenco & Appalachian music. Like whiskey warming the soul, his deep, resonant voice is rich with character and his guitar, tin whistle, bones and bodhran (Irish drum) playing is both thrilling and evocative. Fast-paced foot stompers lay gracefully alongside heart-rending airs and ballads, weaving a tapestry of acoustic eloquence that will sweep you away to the lands of legend. James Olin Oden will perform from 4:40 to  5:05 in the Butterfly Garden.

    Joe Woodson Joe Woodson

    Joe Woodson is an Americana singer songwriter from Efland, NC. His music is sung with emotion and the songs come to life-His music has been played on radio far and near-Tune into “Joe Woodson.com”.  Joe Woodson will perform from 5:05 to  5:30 in the Butterfly Garden.



    Dean DriverDean and Riley Driver

    I dig distinctive melodies, and I love songs with honest, heartfelt lyrics that engage and surprise, so I focus on those aspects when I’m putting songs together. I’m drawn to songs with big ideas behind them, but that don’t take themselves too seriously. Mostly, I see the inspiration to write a song as a precious gift, and I feel obliged to honor that gift and make the song happen. My hope for each song is that it reaches people, allows them to see things from a different perspective, and maybe makes the world a little less lonely.  Dean & Riley Driver will perform from 5:30 to  6:00 on the Butterfly Garden.

    Second Line StompersAnnabelle’s Curse

    Since forming in 2010, Annabelle’s Curse has toured extensively, developing a devoted fan base throughout the southeast and mid-Atlantic. Annabelle’s Curse has supported acts such as Anderson East, Humming House, The Black Lillies, Birds of Chicago, and HoneyHoney. The band has been a staple at Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion and has also performed at Floydfest, Rhythm and Blooms, Rooster Walk, and Music City Roots. Annabelle’s Curse will perform on the Joymonger Stage from 6:00 to 6:45 .


    Music-johnnyo-jumpoutboys-479w-200h.pngJohnny O & the Jumpout Boys

    Since 2016, Johnny-O and the Jump-Out Boys have bringing the blues of the 50’s and 60’s back into the spotlight here in NC! Brandishing a Chicago style, the band covers many familiar blues tunes, as well as a few that you probably never knew existed. Come join them on the Serenity Stage at the Solstice Festival as they take the music (and you) “back-a-ways”!  Johnny O & the Jumpout Boys will be performing on the Serenity Stage from  6:00 – 6:45.


    Elusive Groove featuring Like1Lion

    The band Elusive Groove have been playing for the past few years and have a strong, solid, easy listening vibe and “sweet” harmony. The band has agreed to run some tunes with Like1Lion (aka) RaMu. Like1Lion’s former IMANI Band member has played since the 90’s. And still creating! One Love,Love One, One Time✌🏾  Elusive Groove / Like 1 Lion will perform from 7:15-8:00 pm on the Joymongers Stage.


     Drum Circle in the Butterfly Garden               6:00-7:00 pm

    Join the drumming & dancing fun in the really awesome drumming circle.  Bring your own drum or borrow one of the loaners, if you like.  Or…you could also just dance & sway to the beat of the drums.  Feel the music all through your body!



    GYPSYGypSEE Lights Hoop Troupe & Greensboro Hoopers

    The Gypsee Lights HOOP Troupe is a group of HOOPERS that meet every Monday at Studio Eleve’ in Kernersville, NC. The routine, choreographed by Sheryl Pope, will be performed by Sheryl and her Monday HOOP students and herself. Please come out & try a HOOP class sometime! They will perform one piece, followed by 2 pieces by the Greensboro HOOPERS.  The Hoopers will perform from 9:00 to 9:15 near the Joymonger Stage.

     Fire Performance Team
    9:15-10:00 pm

    The Triad Fire Collective is a collaborative group of Triad based artists and performers with over 30 years of combined experience dazzling audiences with their incendiary theatrics and acrobatics.

    This years Greensboro Summer Solstice Festival will be graced by performance offerings from Sydney Vigatov, Scott Hinzman, Brittney Isphording, Alexander Iman, and Olivia Temoche. Each year a unique and diverse group of performers comes together to create a stunning and original fire show for the Summer Solstice Festival goes and this year will be no exception. Come out and set the night on fire with us at this year’s Summer Solstice Festival fire finale!